Upcoming Projects

Project: OPC AE Alert Notification

Although this feature is bult-in our OPC Server, customers are requesting this feature to be available on the OPC Clients.

OPC AE Clients will receive registered Alarm & Events Subscription and will send them out via email and SMS.

• Send Alarms and Events to remote cell phones
• Be able to specify actions for each of the events
• Can be used for diagnostics
• And more…

Project: OPC to Web Control

This is simple client application designed to update remote tag hosted at a remote site or web server. Having this data availble at a web server level, we can then use to create a online webHMI to show the actual conditions or values of some tags. This feature is also part of our OPC Server built-in features and will be released inQ2 2018. Currently on schedule.

Project: Integrated and Condition Based Maintenance Management System

We currently have a demo version on imsdemo.kinemics.com.

Please visit our page here!